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AM Property Cleaning Services (Swindon) are specialists at cleaning block paving at a very competitive cost.

Block Paving Cleaning Process

Many of our domestic customers already own a D.I.Y electric pressure washer but find that block paving can be very difficult to clean properly especially between the joints of the block paving that are filled with a special fine sand. Weeds and moss are not easily removed from block paving joints using a low power electric pressure washer so end up calling us to clean their block paving driveway, patio areas and paving for them.

Needless to say we don’t turn up on your doorstep like some with a low powered electric pressure washer to clean your block paving either as all are pressure washer equipment we use are professional industrial grade pressure washing equipment so can deep clean the surface of the block paving which is also powerful enough to remove moss and weeds from the joints with ease.

Clean-up Process

During the block paving cleaning process being a mucky job sand can also be removed from the block paving joints so all dirt, moss, weeds and sand is bagged up for recycling at the customer compost area or removed off-site if required. We pay particular attention to detail to clean up after us so all areas cleaned are washed down including any overspray so the property is left in a clean and tidy condition.


Should you wish us to re-sand the block paving joints this is normally done on another day usually the 2nd dry day after the clean so the block paving is dry enough for the new sand to be brushed into the joint.

Sealing block paving

We can offer to seal block paving areas after cleaning at an addition cost but found most customers are more than happy with our price to have their block paving cleaned every year as works out a lot cheaper than sealing the block paving as most sealers are very expensive and don’t last very long depending on traffic so would be lucky to last 12-24 months anyway.

Why chose us to clean your block paving

So the bottom line is if you are looking for a professional block paving cleaning company at a competitive price then look no further as we will be more than happy to give a free no obligation quote and offer a no quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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