Ladder minimisation policy

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Ladder minimisation policy
At AM Property Cleaning Services, safety is paramount.

Guttering cleaning & window cleaning by ladders is considered one of the highest risk jobs in Europe, and a huge percentage of this risk is related to work at height from ladders. Even when used correctly, ladders pose a huge risk, and this risk is often completely avoidable. Last year, 7 window cleaners in the UK fell to their death, and many more were seriously injured from using ladders.

Because of this, AM Property Cleaning Services operates a ladder minimisation policy, not just for window & guttering cleaning, but for every aspect of our work.

Simply put, we will make every effort to minimise the use of ladders in the workplace. This involves the use of high reach gutter vacuum poles and pure water fed pole technology. Where ladders are needed for access (windows & gutters above flat roofs etc) they will only be used where conditions are suitable, e.g. level ground free from debris and/or slippery residue, and for the shortest duration possible. Other types of suitable access equipment will also be considered during a site survey instead of the use of ladders to mininise risk.

Some case studies of ladder falls can be found here:

If your window cleaner falls from his/her ladder on your property and injures himself or damages your property is it:

A) His problem – surely he carried out correct risk assessment procedures beforehand?

B) Your problem – you should know whether he can use a ladder on your property for cleaning windows or not.

C) His insurer’s problem (if he has any) – but will they pay out?

D) Your insurer’s problem – but will they pay out?

E) Who knows until it goes to court? (With all the attendant hassle beforehand)

Since circumstances vary, most likely “E” would be the answer in the majority of cases. The stress, hassle and expense involved in this kind of situation can be huge for both the injured cleaner and the home owner.

We make every effort to avoid ladder use and make sure you have complete peace of mind when we are cleaning your property.

About Height-Wise

Height-Wise is a community based professional support group dedicated to making the workplace safer, especially within trades and industries where working at height is common practice such as window cleaners, painters, satelite installers, roofers and builders.

Height-Wise aims to benefit contractors and their clients alike, by raising standards, improving work practices, ensuring its members are adequately insured and always aware of the health and safety challenges that face them.

It is the aim of Height-Wise to:

Promote improved working practices and conditions for all contractors.
To promote professional conduct by our members at all times.
To ensure that our members are adequately insured for your protection.
To help customers make a better choice when choosing a contractor.
To promote higher standards of health and safety.
To provide information and help to contractors.
To furnish new and up to date working methods to our members.
To highlight the need for contractors to adapt to economic and architectural challenges.

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