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K-Rend Cleaning & Render Cleaning in Swindon

Before & After Render Cleaning


AM Property Cleaning Services (Swindon) are specialists at K-Rend cleaning and render cleaning on properties in and around the Swindon, Wiltshire area.

What many do not realise K-Rend type render wall coatings used on many new build properties over the last few years DO NOT require painting as the colour of the render finish is bonded into the render top coat.

However K-rend render type wall coatings are not maintenance free due our British climate. Therefore render walls on a property can become noticeable discoloured after time as example before photo show. This is due to the build up of mould, algae, biological growth and grime on the render surface so can end up looking quite unsightly after time.

The great news is AM Property Cleaning Services (Swindon) can safely, gently and effectively clean K Rend type render wall coatings back to the original render colour using our specialist render cleaning methods that does not damage the surface.

K Rend, Monocouche, Weber, Wetherby, Parex, silicone render, coloured render and wall clean services for homes, residential and commercial buildings.

To request a free no-obligation render cleaning quote Phone: 01793321413 or Mobile: 07849170878