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Swindon Window Cleaning

Swindon High Reach Window Cleaning Experts – Window cleaners covering Swindon, Wiltshire and Surrounding Areas. Regular monthly window cleaning from only £10 per property, Commercial & Retail Contracts also undertaken


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If your looking for reliable, efficent, friendly professional local window cleaners in Swindon and surrounding areas simply request a window cleaning quote online or give us a call and join our Swindon window cleaning round today!

Our high tec reach & wash pure water fed pole window cleaning systems can reach upto 60ft  (5-6 floors if required). Cleaning windows, cladding etc with ease on Residential Flats, Apartment Blocks, Schools & Colleges, Office Buildings, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Industrial units and more…All from the safety of the ground!

In most cases No expensive access equipment is required saving our valued new and existing clients £££’s!

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To make sure you find someone who is professional, reliable and trustworthy, here are the key questions to ask your potential window cleaner. Read more…

About Our Window Cleaning Service

As a company striving to be at the forefront of our industry, we have decided to invest in this technology which involves the use of extendable poles and pure water which is purified through a reverse osmosis and de-ionisation system.

We are now using this window cleaning technology for a number of reasons:

1). BETTER CLEANING RESULTS – The major advantage of pure water is that it absorbs large amounts of dirt from your windows. The process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water; as such they will be left wet and will need time to dry naturally. This may be a bit disconcerting at first, as obviously this is not what our customers are used to. However, once dry your windows WILL be clean and smear free.

2). HEALTH & SAFETY Ladder minimisation policy A new legislation from Europe now limits the use of ladders. The law now states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, and now The Pure Water Fed Pole System is seen as a safer and more viable alternative for residential and commercial window cleaning.

3). ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Only 100% pure water is used, eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals.

4). IMPROVED SERVICE – We can now reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your property. Third, forth, fith and sixth floor windows, hard to reach windows, skylights, conservatory roofs, guttering, fascias etc…

Please note that if your windows have been cleaned in the past using detergents or chemicals it may take 2 or 3 visits using our Pure Water Fed Pole System to remove soapy residue, this may result in minor spotting on your windows. However please be assured that once this is cleared you will be more than happy with the results. In the unlikely event we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so simply contact us within 24 hours and we will clean your windows again for free.

As a company our aim is to continue to provide a high level of service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, or any other aspect of our services.


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Window Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions


Need a window cleaner? To make sure you find someone who is professional, reliable and trustworthy, here are the key questions to ask your potential window cleaner.

How much do you charge? The price will depend on a variety of things including how many windows there are and their size, how often you want them cleaning and the area in which you live. Ask a window cleaner to quote for cleaning your windows.
Answer: We would be delighted to give a no-obligation quotation as our window cleaning service prices are very competitive.

How do I pay you? Most window cleaners collect money when they do the job, but if you are unlikely to be in, then check if you can send the window cleaner a cheque in the post.
Answer: For domestic window cleaning on completion if the client is out we would leave an envelope with a payment slip enclosed to send a cheque by post or pay buy credit/debit card online using PayPal secure server.

What method do you use? Most window cleaners still use cloths, squeegees and scraper blades for houses. But for taller buildings such as blocks of flats and businesses, window cleaners increasingly use water-fed poles – light poles that carry pure water to a brush head. They’re safer for window cleaners as they don’t need to climb ladders.
Answer: We use the latest pure water-fed pole system as this has many advantages over traditional exterior window cleaning as mention above. We can also offer a traditional  window cleaning service for internal window cleaning on request.

How often will you clean my windows? Most people opt for having their windows cleaned every month, but if you want them doing less often, or more, then check that the window cleaner can do this.
Answer: We can tailor a window cleaning package to suite individual clients needs. 4-weekly and 8-weekly window cleaning packages are most popular.

Will you always come on the same day of the month?While it’s unlikely, given the unpredictability of the weather, changing holidays and so on, the window cleaner should be able to guarantee a certain number of cleans a year.
Answer: Using a pure water-fed pole window cleaning system windows can still be cleaned in light rain all year round as it’s not rain that makes windows dirty but build up of dirt and grime. We therefore have a big advantage over traditional window cleaners as our work is not so restricted in inclement weather.

How will you clean difficult areas? Not all windows are accessible. For example, access to the back of your property may be through the house or some windows may only be accessible from the roof. So ask if and how the window cleaner would deal with these. Similarly, if a window cleaner needs you to leave a gate unlocked to get access to the back of a property, ask if the window cleaner would be happy to ring you the day before to let you know when to expect them.
Answer: We would normally give the client a call the day before and arrange access if required. Again using a high tech pure water-fed pole system most hard to reach windows can be cleaned upto 5-6 floors unlike traditional window cleaners using ladders.

Are you insured? A window cleaner should have public liability insurance to cover damage to your property if, for example, they dropped a ladder on your car or smashed a window.
Answer: Yes, we would more than happy to provide our public liability insurance on request. 


Ladder minimisation policy

At AM Property Cleaning Services, safety is paramount.

Window cleaning & Gutter Cleaning is considered one of the highest risk jobs in Europe, and a huge percentage of this risk is related to work at height from ladders. Even when used correctly, ladders pose a huge risk, and this risk is often completely avoidable. Last year, 7 window cleaners in the UK fell to their death, and many more were seriously injured from using ladders.

Because of this, AM Property Cleaning Services operates a ladder minimisation policy, not just for window cleaning, but for every aspect of our work.

Simply put, we will make every effort to minimise the use of ladders in the workplace. This involves the use of high reach gutter vacuum poles and pure water fed pole technology. Where ladders are needed for access (Windows & Gutters above flat roofs etc) they will only be used where conditions are suitable, e.g. level ground free from debris and/or slippery residue, and for the shortest duration possible. Other types of suitable access equipment will also be considered during a site survey instead of the use of ladders to mininise risk.

Some case studies of ladder falls can be found here:


If your window cleaner falls from his/her ladder on your property and injures himself or damages your property is it:

A) His problem – surely he carried out correct risk assessment procedures beforehand?

B) Your problem – you should know whether he can use a ladder on your property for cleaning windows or not.

C) His insurer’s problem (if he has any) – but will they pay out?

D) Your insurer’s problem – but will they pay out?

E) Who knows until it goes to court? (With all the attendant hassle beforehand)

Since circumstances vary, most likely “E” would be the answer in the majority of cases. The stress, hassle and expense involved in this kind of situation can be huge for both the injured cleaner and the home owner.

We make every effort to avoid ladder use and make sure you have complete peace of mind when we are cleaning your property.

About Height-Wise

Height-Wise is a community based professional support group dedicated to making the workplace safer, especially within trades and industries where working at height is common practice such as window cleaners, painters, satelite installers, roofers and builders.

Height-Wise aims to benefit contractors and their clients alike, by raising standards, improving work practices, ensuring its members are adequately insured and always aware of the health and safety challenges that face them.

It is the aim of Height-Wise to:

  • Promote improved working practices and conditions for all contractors.
  • To promote professional conduct by our members at all times.
  • To ensure that our members are adequately insured for your protection.
  • To help customers make a better choice when choosing a contractor.
  • To promote higher standards of health and safety.
  • To provide information and help to contractors.
  • To furnish new and up to date working methods to our members.
  • To highlight the need for contractors to adapt to economic and architectural challenges.

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